Launching your own school program

We would like to talk with you more about how to incorporate POWer PLAY'tes in your schools. We believe in the POWer of the PLAY'te and think the play'te works to build excitement about fruits, vegetables and other healthy choices.

POWer PLAY'tes are most successful when you serve on them once per week!

We also firmly believe that the other crucial parts play a role, so in addition to the PLAY'tes, you might want to consider some of the other nutrition/education components to our program.

  • Tshirts for the nutrition team at $10 each
  • Clean PLAY'te club stickers $50 per roll of 1,000
  • Bountiful binders with crop of the week sheets are $20 each.

If you purchase a minimum of 25 cases, you will receive a password that gives you access to:

  • Discount on the cost of the POWer PLAY'tes
  • Access to 33 weeks of the Crop of the week activity sheets
  • Access to 33 weeks of morning announcements
  • Access to parent flyers and posters

An example of the "crop of the week announcement" is: "Students and Teachers, today is POWer PLAY'te Day! Be sure to fill half your POWer PLAY'te with fruits and vegetables! This week our "Crop of the Week" is Squash! The variety of squash you will see on your POWer PLAY'te today is Zucchini. Zucchini is an excellent source of Vitamin C! Vitamin C can prevent you from getting a cold and keeps your teeth looking good too. Here's your Wednesday funny... What's a zucchini's favorite game? Squash!

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