Fruit & Veggie Riddles

What did the other carrot say back?

Hang on a minute while I root around for the answer!

What kind of vegetable likes to look at animals?

A zoo-chini!

What is a zucchini's favorite game?


What's the coolest vegetable?

A rad-ish!

What do vegetables wish for, more than anything else in the whole world?

Peas (peace) on earth!

What's a tailor's favorite kind of vegetable?

A string bean!

What kind of vegetable is jealous?

A green bean!

What's a dancer's favorite kind of vegetable?


What is a ghost's favorite fruit?


Why iceberg lettuce win at races?

Because they know how to get a-head!

What is a taxi driver's favorite kind of vegetable?

A Cab-bage!

What kind of vegetable is the most likely to be a rock and roll fan?

An ear of corn!

What does corn say when it feels embarrassed?

"Aw, shucks!"

What is a chicken's favorite kind of vegetable?

An egg-plant!

What's purple, delicious, and fun to decorate for Easter?

A hard-boiled eggplant!

How do you make a Strawberry shake?

Put it into the freezer until it shivers!

Knock Knock!
Who's there?
Bean who?
Bean a while since I last saw you!

What school subject is the fruitiest?

History - because it is full of dates!

How do you fix a broken Tomato?

Tomato paste!

What Vegetable do you need a Plumber for?

A Leek!

If you peel my skin off, I won't cry, but you will. What am I?

An Onion!

What do Potatoes wear to bed?

Their yammies!

What Vegetable do you get when King Kong walks through your garden?


What fruit teases you a lot?


What is a kayaker's favorite kind of lettuce?


What did the salad greens say to the hungry kid?

We'll make your mouth and your tummy happy, if you lettuce (let us)!

What is square and yellow?

A lime in disguise

What's the fastest vegetable?

A runner bean

Why did the banana go to the doctor?

Because it wasn't peeling well

What is small, round and giggles a lot?

A tickled onion

What's the strongest vegetable?

A muscle sprout